The ICHA has established a fund to offer bursaries at both the University of Windsor and St Clair College.  Bursary funds are accessible to people with physical and mental disabilities.  In recognition of an individual who contributed greatly to the early success of the ICHA, the Dario Rossi Memorial Bursary was established and is available to an ICHA volunteer who is moving into a post-secondary school environment.  Past bursary award recipients are documented below.

Year University of Windsor St. Clair College ICHA / Dario Rossi
2014 Amanda Mariuz-Camilis Robyn Ramsay  
2013 Ayesha Lakhani Helen Medel  
2012 Kevin Wallace Alexander Badder  
2011 Robert Oneschuck    
2010 Ashley Clark Arleen Catoor Robert DeMarco
2009 Elena  Gladykh Nancy Schiner Lacey Tessier
2008 Sean Paterson Jessica Matassa  
2007 Jenna Arnold Donald Burgess  
2006 Alexandra Dodd Cameron Wells  
2005   Laura Fenton  
2004 Gail Ceron    
2002 Gail Ceron    
2001 Deb Smith    
1999 Jessica Morrison    
1996 Trent Stewart Antonina TarantolaRomeo Desrosches Maria Tosti
1995 Trent Stewart Heather Arthur  
1994 Marian MacGregor Brian Fitzsimmons  
1993 Trent Stewart Frank Decamillis  
1992 Vicki RobertsonTrent Stewart Jennifer Cowell  
1991 Anna SheardownChristine Konyha Patrick LesperanceKimberlie Peters  
1990 Pankaj Sarin Judith Gray  
1989 David Beare Joe Evon