ICHA Outreach Program

What resources and services are available for individuals with disabilities?
Where do I go to apply for funding for social and medical assistance?
What is a brokerage firm? How do I arrange a meeting with them?
What is Passport and why should I get on the list?
Should I be looking into Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP’s)?
Should I review my loved one’s status with ODSP?

Finding answers to the above questions and others, is what the Italian Canadian HandiCapable Association (ICHA) hopes to offer their membership. The ICHA has entered into a partnership with social worker Bonnie Pacuta, coordinator of our new ICHA Outreach Program. This partnership will assist our social and voting members in navigating through the complicated web of paperwork and bureaucracy required to obtain much needed resources and supports for individuals with disabilities.

Bonnie has over 10 years experience in the human services field. She has excellent relationship building skills and is experienced in acting as a guide and advocate to empower individuals with disabilities to help themselves.

Bonnie will be available for confidential, private counseling sessions every Tuesday evening between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Sessions do need to be booked in advance. Please contact Teresa Rauti at (519) 977-1209 to make an appointment. The ICHA is providing this service to its membership free of charge. There is no cost to attend a session of the ICHA Outreach Program.

It is important to note that, all information discussed at these sessions is 100% confidential. The information will be kept strictly between yourself and Bonnie Pacuta and will NOT be shared with anyone else without your written permission.

Please take advantage of this new program being offered through the ICHA. Sleep a bit better at night knowing that you’re taking steps to secure your loved ones future. There is nothing too small to discuss with Bonnie. If you have concerns or questions, she is there to help you find the answers.

With best regards,
Earl R. Larking
ICHA Past President