Hall of Fame

Individuals who have demonstrated a dedication to the ICHA and to individuals with disabilities, can be nominated for induction into the ICHA Hall of Fame. Each year the ICHA Hall of Fame Selection Committee will review the nominations and put forward the names of those who have met induction criteria. The names of those selected appear on a wall display at the Novelletto–Rosati Complex.

Year Inductee(s)


Luigi Tosti

Tomasso Madia

2015 Dino Gatto, Nino Medoro, Valerie Tessier
2014 Gary Crumb, Tracey Crumb, Novelletto Family
2013 Vito Campanaro
2012 Terry Barrichello, Joe Bruni, Renee Gibbs-Colarossi, Tony Colarossi, Dante Curcione, Barbara Desmarais, John Fearnall, Joe Ferrara, Santina Ferrara, Patricia Holden, Earl Larking, Debby Ann Parent, Judy Romeo, Olivia Rosati, Vince Rosati, Linda Ross, Nives Rossi, Loris Sanson, Paolo Savio
2011 John DiMaio, Maria Zanon
2010 Carole and Neil Lewis
2009 No Nominees
2008 Kiwanis Service Club of Ridgetown
2007 Paul LeBarr, Dave & Debi Monteith
2006 Doug Peacock